Kyoto Kanze Noh Theater

Caption Service

At the Kyoto Kanzekaikan, we have launched a “Noh Support” service in which theater-goers can rent a special electronic device that provides captions in multiple languages to help enhance their Noh experience.

This will help visitors less familiar with Noh, the hearing-impaired, and international visitors better appreciate the art of Noh.

For Visitors New to Noh

Now even visitors new to Noh can relax and enjoy performances by viewing captions that automatically scroll along with and describe what is happening on the stage. Those who are less familiar with Noh and want to know more about the art can also use the device before the performance begins to learn about the basics of Noh theater by viewing easy-to-understand illustrations. They can also preview the outline of the daily performance in a compact summary that highlights key parts of the program visitors should look out for.

For English Speakers

The Kyoto Kanzekaikan provides English descriptions of all Noh compositions in performances hosted in-house (with the exception of Suutai, or narrative singing without music, rehearsals of revived Noh plays, and Omoshiro Nohgakukan performances).

For the Elderly and Hearing-impaired

Elderly visitors who are hearing-impaired and other visitors with hearing disabilities can enjoy Noh performances by following captions that give the lines and details of Noh performances in real-time as it progresses.


¥1000 per day (with tax). Limited to the first fifty visitors. We accept reservations.

How to Utilize the Device

Visitors who wish to use the device should apply at the “Caption Service Reception Area” located on the left side of the entrance. First time users should provide identification to receive a membership card, which they can use on subsequent visits to the theater.